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Laminate Flooring

Warmth in your home without works!

The floating laminate floor is a type of wood flooring or faux wood that is not nailed or glued to the ground in any way. It is called floating laminate floor because the platform floats on the old pavement.

The main advantage of laminate flooring is that you can install it on any type of pavement that you have, provided that it is well leveled. You can install laminate flooring on cement, terrazzo, tile, vinyl, planks, boards, cork, carpeting … which prevents debris and works at home. You can also install laminate flooring over radiant heated floors.

With this solution you can give a very nice finish to your home. And so very affordable!

In addition, this type of flooring is installed over an insulating that protects it from moisture and allows a smooth footstep, which helps to avoid the creaking when walking on it.

Tarima flotante clase AC5
Tarima flotante color roble

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